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How do you achieve consistent bottom line impact from your sales training?

If you’re a sales leader or a sales training professional then we would suggest the most important aspect of your work is ensuring the impact on bottom line results. We understand that this is often a difficult task to achieve given the complexities of each organisation and the wide mix of capabilities in each group of trainees.

You already understand that carefully designed programmes, with lots of opportunity for safe practice situations, can encourage the long term adoption of new skills and approaches.

The Problem of Ongoing reinforcement.

But what happens after the course is over? You may offer coaching and sales management mentoring to encourage front-line managers to reinforce the aspects of your programmes.

We provide powerful tools to ensure the skills and approaches you have introduced are consistently and regularly reinforced by sales managers and team coaches.

How? We develop the capabilities of your sales management to deliver individual and team based coaching and skills development opportunities to their team members at the point of need.

Please contact us for more information on our approach.

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Nickolas Savasto

Development Manager, Leeno Group