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The Sales Enhancer has been developed as a result of extensive research with 2,663 organisations globally to identify the common issues that are preventing an organisation from achieving a sustainable increase in sales results.

The results of this research have been compiled into a report entitled The 5 Most Dangerous Issues Facing Sales Directors Today, and is full of practical solutions and insights that provides an essential read for every Sales Director.

Research Summary

Since 1991 Trainique started to become aware that there were a number of barriers that were preventing organisations from achieving greater sales and these issues were consistent amongst organisations irrespective of the market sector they were operating within. Recently Trainique embarked upon a huge piece of quantitative research with 2663 organisations globally that identified the 5 most dangerous issues facing sales directors and vice presidents of sales today. These are the issues identified from this research:

The Five Most Dangerous Issues Facing Sales Leaders Today…

Millions of dollars have been spent investigating and pursuing ways to grow sales, and no wonder; after all, sales are the lifeblood of any organization. Yet only a handful of companies have been able to grow their sales steadily not just in good times, but in lean times, too, and in the face of ferocious competition.

A careful study of the vast majority of companies that have been less successful than these few superstars shows that they fall prey to a number of common mistakes. By contrast, the few that have consistently grown their sales have succeeded because they have found ways to avoid these same traps.

The following pages outline the five most common issues that Sales Directors need to avoid and reveals the secrets that have helped their top-performing colleagues unleash the maximum talent of their sales teams.

If you would like a free copy of the full research report please follow the link at the bottom of the page for details.

These are the issues identified from this research (with links to the individual sections):

Issue Number 1: A poorly defined sales process that wasn’t being followed by frontline sales teams which dilutes sales revenues

Issue Number 2: Lack of essential skills, which leads to below average performance and consequently below average sales results

Issue Number 3: Failing to focus salespeople’s activities which reduces efficiency and consequently reduces results

Issue Number 4: Allowing self-limiting beliefs to constrain salespeople’s performance which limits sales revenues

Issue Number 5: Failing to choose and develop a Sales Leadership team that nurtures and develops their salespeople’s potential which decreases sales results